Short Twitter Usernames

Ever wonder who jumped on early on twitter or bought out short twitter usernames? This list was last updated May 2022. Single Character Usernames – Andrei Zmievski – March 2007 – – suspended – suspended – [...]


RAID or ZFS Storage Guide

It’s 2022 and you want to set up some local large disk storage. What should you use? I recommend using ZFS as a good general-purpose storage solution and I want to cover what it does well and what it doesn’t do great at. I’ve been running a small ZFS pool for a few years now. But keep in mind, if you have custom [...]

3D Printing

FlashPrint Opens Off-Screen

If you open FlashPrint and the app appears in your taskbar but not as a window on the screen, it might be due to your monitor setup. The app records what the last window position is and places it back there. If you have a multiple monitor setup and open the app later without a screen you might have a massively negative number on your [...]


WIFI Signal Degrades More Than You Think


Using Node-Red to send commands to Wifi LED Controllers