Simple Free Open Source MP3 CLI Tag Editor

There are lots of mp3 tag editors out there, but I wanted a simpler cross platform solution. This cli runs on Mac, Windows and Linux and offers a minimalist quick way to make bulk changes.


mp3edit --help
mp3edit <options> <filename>
 easy mp3 tag editor and simple audio operations
 version 1.0.3 built 2022-06-25
  -title="New Title"
  -artist="New Artist"
  -album="New Album"

To just view current tags of file(s), you can pass

mp3edit *.mp3

1 20231218 2051 Recording 2.mp3
2 Dashboard Confessional - Tonight I'll Take What I Can Get.mp3
  Title:  Tonight I'll Take What I Can Get
  Artist: Dashboard Confessional
  Album:  The Shade of Poison Tree
3 Halloran & Kate - Last Christmas.mp3
  Title:  Last Christmas
  Artist: Halloran & Kate
  Album:  Last Christmas

To make a changes, you have a variety of flags that you can use. The --clear flag processes first and will remove all ID3 tags. Then any set flags will apply afterwards.

mp3edit --clear --artist="Use Quotes with Spaces" --title First filename.mp3

1 filename.mp3
  Title:  Previous title
          Use Quotes with Spaces

Future Ideas

  1. I would like to somehow integrate in a music database lookup so you can just enable a flag like --autofix and let it unify your mp3 files for you. I would like to make sure it has an easy undo when it mismatches.
  2. I want to get this so you can do an apt-get install mp3edit or yum install mp3edit
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