AWS T2 vs T3 Performance

Amazon just came out with the new 3rd generation of burst-able EC2 servers and to keep things short, you should shut down your t2 servers and restart them as t3. t2.micro 1 Core from an Intel Xeon E5-2676 v3 @ 2.40Ghz (released 2013) 1GB Memory 3227 Geekbench Single-Core 3025 Geekbench Multi-Core 15.5 GB/sec Memory Bandwidth [...]


Setting up IPv6 on AWS

I used to think that IPv6 is mostly a concern for ISPs and hosting companies to enable and once they do, everything in their system will start using it. Turns out, it isn’t that simple.¬†How the internet hasn’t really felt much of effect of this is a little beyond me because IPv4 exhaustion occurred in the beginning [...]


WIFI Signal Degrades More Than You Think


Using Node-Red to send commands to Wifi LED Controllers