Cross Platform

Blender – open-source 3D Modeling tool

Krita – open-source painting app, ~90% replacement for photoshop

Etcher – writes img/iso/zip images to sd/flash drives easily

Figma– web-based vector editor like sketch, free version is very usable.

Greenshot – screenshot replacement, I know their are native OS version but this adds some nice features to those by just hit printscreen key and lets you select a portion of the screen and then what to do with it – copy to clipboard, edit, save as jpg or png, etc. (mac and window, use the same key on both)

jadx (win/linux/mac)- DEX to Java Android Decompiler

OpenSCAD – programming based CAD software for adaptive 3D models often used in customizable 3D printing models

Visual Studio Code

SketchUp 2017 – last free desktop version that can export in 3D printer friendly formats

LaserGBL – opensource control software for low cost laser cutters

OpenJDK – Java is a mess, if you have Oracle Java JDK/JSR installed, uninstall it and install this one instead

Ocenaudio – Free alternative to Adobe Audition – great waveform with spectrum charting, easy to use EQ, compression, normalization

Map Engine Lite – Simple tool to annotate and share google maps


4K Video Downloader – download youtube video files

Colasoft Mac Scanner – finds all computers on your LAN

Core Temp – monitors your CPU temp



DaVinci Resolve

flux – better screen dimming/blue light filtering app than what windows night light does.

Geekbench – nice cross platform tool to get a single score to compare how a computer compares to another one.


HD Tune

ImageGlass – image preview replacement, much faster, more formats

Lunacy – free windows alternative to Sketch

MakeMKV – dvd/blueray to mkv

OBS Studio –

Ocenaudio – better audio editor than audacity

Polarr – Adobe Lightroom replacement, free version or pro for $29/yr



Radeon RAMDisk

S3 Browser – tool to upload/download files in Amazon S3 buckets

SVG Explorer Extension – renders SVG thumbnails

WinSCP –

Windows Terminal –

Wox – simple mac style launcher/search by pressing alt + space

Genome Compiler – free

SnapGene Viewer – free plasmid mapping, primer designer


Pixelmator Pro – amazing photoshop replacement with one time cost of $50

Blackmagic Disk Speed Testtests read/write speed of disk drives

Mac Fan Control – change your fan curves to run the fans sooner to hopefully stop your machine from getting into full fan because its overheating

Hot – see the cpu throttle

Stockfolio – ($) good stock charts with indicators

Audio Hijack – ($) can capture sound from individual app and do realtime DSP sound processing

Magnet – ($) divides your screen into grid zones, great for 4K screens

Vector 3 – ($) sound editor (mac only)

Packet Peeper – easier to install alternative to wireshark for mac

Linux Command Line

ncdu – ncurses disk usage tool

glances – top/htop replacement




bd_info / bluray_info – sudo apt install libbluray-bin

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