Your Brain At Work

I have been doing a lot of reading and as I finish each book I will write up a little about the book. But since most of you won’t actually have the time to read the book, I’ll try to summarize what I learned and if you want to go deeper than a very short summary, please follow the link to buy the book yourself. [...]

Google OS

I like to be on the cutting edge of everything. I’m already running Microsoft Office 2010 Beta, Google Wave and I jumped at the chance to download Google OS. After a painful install of VMware’s Player, which now has my computer running a dozen virtual network cards which I know will come back to haunt me, I have to say, ehhh. [...]



For those that know me, they would never thought to see the day I would change my personal website over to WordPress. I won’t lie, I’m not a fan of WordPress. In fact, I spent a summer at a web design firm writing a new CMS solution to use instead of WordPress. Even now that I use it, I don’t like it. So why am I using [...]


WIFI Signal Degrades More Than You Think


Using Node-Red to send commands to Wifi LED Controllers