ATT U-Verse NVG589 and Amazon Fire won’t find Smartphone Remote

Amazon Fire App

If you got a new Amazon Fire TV and want to use your smartphone as a remote through the Amazon Fire App, you will find that if you use the uverse router NVG589, your phone won’t find the Fire TV.

Its because ATT’s router doesn’t support multicast (or UPNP or alot of other great and common wifi features). Which is ironic since the point of multicast is to make streaming content easier and it isn’t even new technology.


Get another wifi router and connect its WAN port to a LAN port of the ATT Uverse router. As stupid as this is, you will find that your wifi quality will greatly improve because the ATT router isn’t really that great. Since ATT combined the modem and router, you can’t completely get rid of the ATT box and you still have to pay your monthly rental fee for it.

Why the app NEEDS multicast is another strange point. The remote is really just sending commands like move up or down. It isn’t streaming the same video feed to multiple TVs, which would be a great use of multicast. Maybe Amazon is just pushing people to get better multicast support, or maybe the they just don’t care about backward capability.

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