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Recently I’ve ran into an old legacy project that my company built years ago and was then left untouched for a while. Having to open up that old code quickly ran into the issue of what version of Xcode do you need to be able to run Swift 2.3 code?

Download Older Xcodes from

Swift 2.2

Newest version : Xcode 8.?

Oldest version : Xcode 7.?

Swift 2.3

Newest version : Xcode 8.2.1 [Dec 2016]

** Needs Mac OS 10.13 Sierra or older (TESTED)

Oldest version : Xcode 7.?

Swift 3

Newest version :

Oldest version : Xcode 8.0 [Sept 2016]

Swift 4

Newest version : Xcode 11

Oldest version : Xcode 9

Swift 5 (current)

Newest version : Xcode 11+

Oldest version : Xcode 10.2 [April 2019]

Swift 5.1 (beta)

version : Xcode 11+

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