Watch out for Splunk 6 Update


To be honest, I’ve been really impressed with splunk until now. So when version 6 came out I thought it would be a home run. But then I installed it.

Be ready for it to reindex all of your old data, double its hard drive space usage, bring your computer to its knees in performance as it reindexes and it has a new interface that you will stumble around to find what it is doing. Maybe after it finishes all of this it will be an improvement but this isn’t a way to start the work day.

If you want to delay this horrible process, go to Services in control panel and see if you can stop both spunkd and splunkweb (stop it and then switch it to disabled to stop it from restarting) Immediately your disk IO should return to normal and you should be able to use your computer again.


When you are daring, go back and start the service again. Or better yet, don’t run the update until tonight so you don’t have to be around for this reindexing. I feel they should of warned upgrade users about this.

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