Actually Free Blackjack Game

Notice : These are not signed applications -- you will have to approve them to run on Windows and Mac. Eventually I will pay to get a developer license with Apple and Microsoft to get these signed. 

An older, nontechnical friend asked me if there are any good Blackjack games without all the ads, microtransactions, and other modern weirdness. To that I said, yeah, let me find one for you. After many weeks of searching, I have given up. Everyone that I found had something in it that made it a deal-breaker.

So I built one

I found a Unity template in the asset store (which really did most of the heavy lifting) and after stripping it down and replacing the parts that I found annoying, I got just a basic blackjack game.

  • No splash screen, just straight into the game from where you left off
  • No ads
  • You can reset the cash at any time, no microtransactions
  • Fullscreen or Windowed mode
  • Mutable sound effects
  • No background music

I hope you find it entertaining, at the moment it is just a zipped version of the build directory, no install needed.

Improvement List

  • Add splits
  • Add Doubling
  • I want to add an undo, sometimes you bust and you wonder if it would have mattered, and I think it would be a fun way to see.
  • Win, Push, Lose counters

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