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I like to be on the cutting edge of everything. I’m already running Microsoft Office 2010 Beta, Google Wave and I jumped at the chance to download Google OS. After a painful install of VMware’s Player, which now has my computer running a dozen virtual network cards which I know will come back to haunt me, I have to say, ehhh. I’ve ran linux virtualized before, so its not the fact that its virtualized that is giving it a bad review, its the lack of features that googleOS has. I read article after article that Google was reinventing the operating system, I was excited to see what they would do. I had thought up the idea of a WOS – web operating system a while ago but lacked the programming skill to do anything close to it. So when Google came up with it, I naturally said, damn that was my idea. Then when I saw it, I have to say, I’m disappointed.

GoogleOS is a linux kernel that boots up graphically to Chrome. Thats it. No new features. No features really at all. I always thought Chrome also lacked many of the options that Firefox and Internet Explorer had but this was a huge let down. If this is really the future of computing, I hope something happens to stop it.  Google, you created some amazing hype and missed the mark by a long shot. Most pda’s and cellphones have more features than GoogleOS. Sorry Google, try again.

Google OS Login

The Google OS Login Screen

Google OS Main Screen

The Google OS Main Screen -- its just Chrome...

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