Acronym Lookup

I run across lots of weird acronyms and try to add to this list so future people searching for these will not waste so much time to get these.

Meijer / Walmart / CVS

HBCOTC = Health & Beauty Care – Over the Counter


PCR = Polymerase chain reaction

qPCR = quantitative PCR or real-time PCR that uses fluorescent markers to quickly identify samples that are positive


AR = Augmented Reality (normally a phone with overlayed graphics)

MR / XR = Mixed Reality (full headset with a visible real world with overlayed graphics)

VR = Virtual Reality (full enclosed headset with only computer graphics)

ETH = Ethereum

PoW = Proof of Work (this is doing complicated problems to prove you are committed, the reason why crypto gets such a bad environmental stance as the work is mostly useless)

PoA = Proof of Assignment (seems to be a lightweight PoW style without needing to sync the ledger)

PoS = Proof of Stake (this places a proportion of your own money to prove you are committed to what you submitted)

TDP = Thermal Design Power (how much cooling the device should be capable of withstanding)

BLE = Bluetooth Low Energy

I2C = Inter-Integrated Circuit (Serial protocol using 2 wires – SDA and SCL)

SPI = Serial Peripheral Interface

SDA = Serial DAta

SCL = Serial Clock Line

JIT = Just in Time (compiles code at runtime normally)

GC = Garbage Collection (stops program to clean up/release unused memory)

JDK = Java Development Kit

JRE = Java Runtime Environment

CLR = Common Language Runtime (common code for .net to behave the same between vb, c#, f#, etc)


AI = Artificial Intelligence (mostly used as a generic buzzword for anything in this space)

ML = Machine Learning

DL = Deep Learning

CNN = Convolutional Neural Network

DNN = Deep Neural Networks

RNN = Recurrent Neural Networks

GAN = Generative adversarial Networks (2 competing AIs – n.g. one generates a picture of a face, the other rejects any that do not look realistic)

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