Asus S400ca SSD Hybrid Hard Drive Speed

My new ASUS S400CA touch laptop came with a hybrid HD that I’ve been quite impressed with. To be honest, I never thought much of the hybrid drives thinking it was more of a marketing hype. My old desktop had a full SSD drive that is a fraction of the size and probably cost just as much as this hybrid. Speed wise, I honestly can’t tell much of a different. Clearly this laptop has an SSD and it behaves very quickly compared to non SSD computers. The fact that I have 500gb of space and benefit from the SSD speed makes it even better than just full SSD drives. While the speed test below shows that it isn’t the fastest, it still feels very fast.

Something that I wasn’t expecting is that in Device Manager it appears as two entirely separate drives.

Device Manager with SSD Hybrid


It would be really interesting to be able to see and control what data is cached on the 24gb SSD drive.


Hard Drive Performance – 500GB/24gb SSD Hybrid Drive

500GB Drive – 72MB/sec
24GB SSD – 279MB/sec

500GB Performance


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