Best Practice – Unstandard Naming

So again today my webserver has been hit by another person using a vulnerability scanner trying to find something to hack into. Harmless as it may seem this could be the start of a serious server takeover. Once a vulnerable application like an old version of PHPmyAdmin is found, it could be only a matter of time before your [...]

PHP Server Monitoring

So with the company I need a better way to monitor all of the servers/domain names that we run. I need something that can run automatically in cron but display graphs of performance. You see there is a full spectrum between online and offline. Often you can see signs of a server about to go down by graphing its performance. Also since [...]

Kindle, Nook, Libre Ebook Readers

I’ve been in the market trying to buy an ebook reader. ¬†After holding all of these, I came to the conclusion to not buy any of them. They are either too small to be useful or slow interface or both. Amazon Kindle Review Probably the best of the bunch, it has a nice 3G network, Amazon accessible, use of a memory card to add books, [...]

Single File Javascript Addons

Once again I’m looking to add some fancier UI to my web projects and run into the same problem, most javascript UI elements are a mess of files. I was looking at adding a date picker, just a simple one to a website. I download one and find that it is about 20 files. Its not a lot compared to the project but I don’t want to [...]


WIFI Signal Degrades More Than You Think


Using Node-Red to send commands to Wifi LED Controllers