Light Bulb Temperatures

So I got bored one day and happen to have an infrared thermometer. I thought it would be interesting to know just how much heat comes off light bulbs. Its more than you would think. But keep in mind, this is an IR thermometer being pointed directly at a light source that could throw off extra IR emissions. The numbers might not be the most accurate. I ran each light for at least 1 hour before taking the reading to let it “warm” up.

IR Temp of Halogen 50w
Halogen 50w GU10 bulb – 352F (122C)

IR Temp of LED 7w (50w equivalence)
LED 7w (50w equalvent) GU10 bulb  – 124F (51C)

IR Temp of Xeon 20w
Xeon 20w bulb – 663F (350C)

***I think this one isn’t accurate…

Flourescent bulb (60w)Fluorescent 12w bulb (60w equivalence) – 163F (73C)

More to come soon…

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