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Once again I’m looking to add some fancier UI to my web projects and run into the same problem, most javascript UI elements are a mess of files. I was looking at adding a date picker, just a simple one to a website. I download one and find that it is about 20 files. Its not a lot compared to the project but I don’t want to mix in these new images/js/css in with the other files. I just want a nice simple data picker that I just include 1 file on that particular page, call it and be done. Yet most require about 10-20 files to be added in 4 different directories. I want easy to add in modules. I have always viewed javascript UI as an addition to the website and it always wants to integrate so heavily into the site. If I isolate each addon, I end up having 20 copies of jquery. Don’t get me wrong, I like jquery but I think people need to stop using it for every little thing. I wrote a drop down menu system without any addition libraries and it works better than most out there. I think we need to take some things a step back and start simplifying our code.

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I'm a 35 year old UIUC Computer Engineer building mobile apps, websites and hardware integrations with an interest in 3D printing, biotechnology and Arduinos.

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