My Equipment

I built a printrbot simple 2014 and then added the XL upgrade kit to it. Its a cold bed, single extruder ABS/PLA printer with a build volume of 185x100x165 mm or approximately 7x4x6 inches. Total cost was about $350.

Tech Specs:

  • Printerboard Rev. D
    • Marlin 1.0 Firmware
    • Steps per mm (x84.40,y81.55,z2180,e94.50)
  • 8mm x 6″ Y Rails
  • 8mm x 10″ X Rails
  • 3/8″ x 11″ ACME Z
  • Kysan 1124090 – Nema 17 Stepper Motor
    • Power: 4.2vdc 1.5A
    • Torque: 5.5kg-cm  (54 N-cm, 76.4 oz/in)
    • 5mm shaft
    • 1.8 degree step


My Models

Check out my designs on Thingiverse

DIYBIO Microscope Slide holder 
Download Sketchup file | Download STL file


I'm a 29 year old UIUC Computer Engineer building mobile apps, websites and hardware integrations with an interest in 3D printing, biotechnology and Arduinos.

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